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The Son of Former Leader of U.S.A. Communistic Party Sentenced To Nine Years

The Son of Former Leader of U.S.A. Communistic Party Sentenced To Nine Years


Russian court says, Cheater William Browder is guilty in tax-evasion and fraud.

This story begins in early 90-s in former Soviet Union.  The son of the former leader of  U.S.A. communistic party William Browder came to the modern Russia to obtain his own business and to make money. Why? It is because this black period of Russian modern history was the period of great money-making opportunities.

The society of former Soviet Union was not ready for capitalism and business. Almost nobody understood processes going in the country. But the tight group of high level officials together with some amount of American consultants and businessmen got the situation clearly. 1) Weak control of inexperinced police of the former Soviet Union. 2) Great natural resources. 3) Huge groups of young but expensive companies which were selling Russian natural resources to the West.

And in the 1996 William Browder has registered two small companies in Russia. Browder needed no big companies in Russia because the point of his business was purchaising shares in Russian companies, involved in natural resources business. However such operations were banned for foreigners by the law.

Illegal business of Browder went for many years in Russia. As police says, he got 2 000 000 000 of Russian rubles. But these illegal money were not enough for him, and he has invented great way for tax-evasion. He hired disabled people (disabled by brains) on positions of financial managers... Funny... But it needs to say, these disabled people never worked for Browder in reality. In fact they were his workers just in documents. This circumstance permitted for Browder to be a businessman almost free of taxes.

Magnitsky was Browders business partner. This one was not disabled by brain. He helped to Browder to get well with documents and did paper work for him.

Ourdays government of Russian Federation and The President Vladimir Putin have set the end to Browder`s and Magnitsky`s dirty business. But Browder was able to run away from Russia, and did it. Magnitsky has been captured and died of heart desease during investigation.

William Browder uses Magnitsky`s death to lie about Russia. Not much time ago Browder was convicted in absentia by a district criminal court in Moscow, and sentenced to nine years.

This is why Browder uses to tell many lies about Russia and Russian authorities.
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