mig294 (mig294) wrote,

Мы в латино-американских медиа....

Мы в латино-американских медиа....

Кинул подружайке из Бразилии ссылку на наш текст по хим атаке. Написал про Виктора Чиркова, который Сирию стережет :))

Вот она в ответ пишет про их повестку дня и то, как их СМИ про Сирию рассказывают и про наш флот :)))

Now that is spoken in Brazil was Syria who made use of Sarin gas, just heard that a submarine and an aircraft carrier were preventing the Russian American attack. But the real focus of the Brazilian media today is with some internal things, the first and most important is not the trial of corrupt Brazilian politicians who are to be arrested. Another part is the part of U.S. intelligence regarding our president, this caused even a canceled visit to USA that would occur in October by the President. And the most important is that we focused on royalties that will be auctioned in October and today the announcement that some American oil and British will not join most of the auction.
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